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Société de négoce Afrique en bois, négoce câbles électriques Afrique
African Trading Company
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ATC is based in Tunisia and gathers the Trade and Industry activities of the group. It is
specialised in Trade, Distribution and Micro-industry.

ATC has an in-depth technical knowledge of business and international trade, especially in French-speaking African countries. ATC has built an excellent reputation with its clients and a wide commercial network (database of the largest wholesalers, excellent knowledge of Trade Ministries and international donors watch services).

ATC business opportunities have enabled us to know and to master the specific environment of trade operations in emerging countries. Our originality resides in our ability to find the right compromise between the internal constraints of emerging countries (constraints of authorities but also of company managers and consumers) and the economic objectives of international stakeholders or the standards of multinational companies.

The renowned expertise of our Group has grown from our ability to work according to strict
international standards while taking into account the local specificities inherent to each operation.

We therefore approach each project with :
- a global perspective of the process;
- a total availability and implication with our clients

The conception and the carrying out of a transaction are part of a process which necessitates the combination of several fields of expertise:

product identification and fine-tuning of the global offer (transit, transport, etc),
financial evaluation and distribution strategy,
internal verifications and auditing,
legal and fiscal analyses of the local context,
creation of a customer service.

Each of these activities is complex in itself and it is difficult to carry them out simultaneously. We have therefore elaborated a rigourous project management methodology which takes into account all these issues, centralises the information and, in fine, answers the concrete demands of our clients.

We therefore control each step of the transaction, creating a global strategy, finding the potential buyers and developing a concurrential price evaluation.

Société de négoce Afrique en bois, négoce câbles électriques Afrique
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